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iolo DriverScrubber

iolo DriveScrubber Overview

Secure personal information from prying eyes by securely eliminating data before reselling or recycling your PC.

Manufacturer: iolo
Price (RRP): $29.95
Best Price: $23.96 (20% OFF)
Special offers: price includes 1 year of free upgrades
Platforms: Works with Windows® 8, 7, Vista, and XP (Service Pack 3)
Requirements: No minimum requirements to run this software.

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iolo DriveScrubber

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Erase Data So It Can NEVER Be Recovered™

Permanently erase files, pictures, passwords & more
Cleans and restores hard drives to near-new condition
Wipes PC drives, flash drives, cameras and more

Cleans and restores drives

Even drives damaged by stubborn spyware and viruses can be cleaned and restored to near-new conditions.

Erases the old, keeps the new

Choose to wipe all remnants of deleted data while keeping existing files and operating system intact.

Frees up space

  • Smart technology can overwrite previously deleted data up to 100 times to free up valuable space.


  • Customizable Tools offer adjustable security levels for wiping the drive, from quick to electron microscopy and magnetic field residue detection shields, giving you total control.
  • Employs secure wiping methods originally developed for the US Department of Defense to eliminate any possibility of recognition.
  • Maintain Ongoing Protection with the option to wipe only deleted data while keeping existing files, programs, and operating system intact.
  • Includes scalable options such as batch-wipe, in addition to pause, cancel and resume features, all while leaving drive boot and partition structures.
  • Other products may take hours or even days to clean drives. DriveScrubber uses the fastest, most optimized wipe methods, while maintaining its proven security strength.
  • NEW! DriveScrubber now includes the revolutionary ability to wipe entire drives directly within Windows® without the requirement of a cumbersome boot disk.